Common Types of Medical Gas Used in Healthcare Facilities [infographic]

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Today, medical gas is often used to complete medical procedures. While some types of medical gas are used for anesthesia, some are used for treatment, and others are used for making certain medical devices and tools work properly.

Common Types of Medical Gas Used in Healthcare Facilities

Here are a few types of medical gas commonly used in healthcare facilities:

  • Oxygen—A necessary gas to support life, oxygen is often used to support patients who are struggling to breathe. Although it is harmful to breathe in pure oxygen, patients who need extra oxygen will usually breathe it in through an oxygen flowmeter.
  • Nitrous oxide—When you inhale a small amount of nitrous oxide, it can have an analgesic and anesthetic effect. In many cases, a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is used as an anesthetic agent.
  • Carbon dioxide—During medical procedures, carbon dioxide can be used to inflate the colon or abdominal cavity. Another use for carbon dioxide is to culture bacteria in a laboratory setting.
  • Helium—Helium is a non-toxic, colorless, and odorless gas. It is used to support the use of gamma knife and other types of surgical instruments.
  • Compressed air—Orthopedic instruments, oral surgical instruments, and ventilators all rely on compressed air to run properly.

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