When is it Time for a Toilet Replacement?

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As much as toilets are not always part of our regular conversations, you have to admit they play a big part in our homes. To make sure you always have access to a functioning toilet, it is essential to regularly observe your toilets to know when to call in a plumber for a fix.

When is it Time for a Toilet Replacement?

Several reasons can help you determine if it is time to get a toilet replacement. They include:

  • Multiple toilet repairs. You have a significant issue if you feel like you’re calling the plumber every week. Toilet replacement, in this case, is a wise investment that saves you the cost of multiple repairs.
  • You have a running toilet. Having a constantly running toilet can be very annoying. A toilet that has been running for a long time indicates a problem with the flapper or possibly interior damage. Furthermore, it may result in a lot of water wastage, which translates to high water bills.
  • It clogs frequently. Toilet clogs are common and could be caused by flushing large objects or having hard water buildup in the toilet’s inner mechanisms. Clogged pipes cause low water levels, which could hinder you from flushing effectively.
  • Too much water use. Older toilets use about 7 gallons of water per flush compared to modern toilets, which use 2 gallons. Toilet replacement may be a good idea for an eco-friendly home, and it will save you from excessively high-water bills.

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