Water Line Installation, Durham, NC

We can get a water line installed in your house fast.

Are you remodeling your home or rearranging any of your appliances that use a water line? We can help you! Water line installation is something best left to professionals to do so that you know with certainty the job has been done correctly. At Pure-Line Plumbing, we have been serving the Durham, North Carolina area since 2014 and have professionals who are trained and ready to do a water line installation in your home.

Water Line Installation in Durham, North Carolina

One reason you may need a new water line installation is if you are getting new appliances. Refrigerators that do not have an ice machine or a water dispenser do not need a water line. If you are replacing such a refrigerator with a new one that has those features, you will find yourself needing to have a new water line installation done. Home renovations or additions are other situations where you may find yourself in need of a water line installation.

No matter the reason why you may need a new water line installation done in your home, we would love to serve you. We have a team of experienced professionals whom you can trust to correctly install a new water line for you. We have been serving the Durham area since January 2014, and our company has grown due to the success we have had with all of our customers. When you need a water line installation, give us a call to schedule an appointment, so you can be sure that the job gets done right.