Plumbing Inspection: What Steps Are Involved?

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Whether you are considering purchasing a home or you already own a home, a regular plumbing inspection is important. Water damage can happen fast and if you don’t pay attention, it can quickly lead to expensive repairs. While you may be thinking that a plumbing inspection isn’t necessary or that you can do it yourself, an experienced plumber is likely to notice small warning signs that you may miss. So, what can you expect from a plumbing inspection?

Plumbing Inspection: What Steps Are Involved?

A thorough plumbing inspection will include checks on all places where water runs through your home, such as tubs, sinks, water lines and pipes. Faucets get a lot of use and need to be checked for worn washers and cartridges. The plumber will also check under your home for leaks in pipes and hydrants. Toilets will be checked for leaks and functionality of flappers, filling mechanisms and correct water levels. The inspection will also include an evaluation of your water heater’s pressure relief valve, pipes, and water temperature. Once this has been done, your water heater will be flushed. A quality plumbing inspection will also include an inspection of the shut-off valve for the main water supply for defects and damages. If you home ever has a big leak, you will want to be sure that you can turn the water off for your entire home in a matter of minutes.

Plumbing inspections are important, but the best way to prevent water leaks and damage is to do regular maintenance. Pay attention if you see a small drip forming and take care of it right away. Check for small leaks in places that are not visible such as in cabinets and under sinks. Unclog slow drains and be careful to never dispose of grease or other materials that could cause a clog by putting them down the drain. If you see a water stain on the wall or ceiling, don’t ignore it.

A plumbing inspection can be a comfort to a homeowner and offer peace of mind in knowing that their home’s plumbing system is safe and in proper working order. If you have noticed any small leaks in your home or would like to have a plumbing inspection done, please give us a call at Pure-Line Plumbing today!