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We can service and maintain vacuum systems in medical facilities.

The use and the way medical gas is delivered in medical facilities has advanced significantly over the years. Because of this, there is no longer the need for individual gas cylinders. Instead, medical gases are delivered to hospitals and surgery systems in micro-bulk or on-site bulk tanks are then distributed to treatment, surgical, and examination rooms through vacuum systems.

Vacuum Systems in Durham, North Carolina

These vacuum systems keep the gas flow ready and on demand at the appropriate psi for the type of gas being delivered in that area of the medical system. These vacuum systems come equipped with a number of complex parts, including gauges, valves, pressure transducers, and regulators that must be kept in proper working condition at all times. If one of these parts needs to be serviced or replaced, a master or area alarm system will alert monitoring personnel to the situation.

If you need help servicing, monitoring, or repairing your medical facility’s vacuum systems, we are here to help at Pure-Line Plumbing. We have extensive experience working on vacuum systems at facilities throughout the Durham, North Carolina area, and we will apply this experience when servicing and working on the vacuum systems in your facility.

By partnering with us, we can help you keep your medical facility in good condition while preserving the health and safety of your patients. For more information about the type of work we do on vacuum systems, reach out to us today.