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We’re experts in vacuum systems and can perform a range of tasks in facilities.

Medical gas delivery systems have changed dramatically over the years, with advancements in technology providing access to better solutions. One of the most significant changes is the elimination of the need for individual gas cylinders in many situations and applications.

Vacuum Systems in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Healthcare facilities, including hospitals and surgical centers, can get access to the medical gas needed through micro-bulk and on-site bulk tanks, which remain on site and allow for efficient distribution. For the gas to distribute evenly and safely, these systems rely on vacuum components.

Vacuum systems are designed to manage the flow of medical gas throughout the facility. They ensure that the gas is ready to flow on demand when engaged. They also restrict the pressure at which the gas comes through the components. Vacuum systems are made up of complex parts, including regulators, gauges, pressure transducers, and valves, all of which must be working correctly for the safe flow of gas.

At Pure-Line Plumbing, we’re experts in vacuum systems and can perform a range of tasks in facilities located throughout Chapel Hill, North Carolina and much of the surrounding area. When you need a new vacuum system installed or replacement components put in, you can count on us. We’re also qualified to perform service and repairs on existing vacuum systems.

Since we bring years of experience in the medical gas and plumbing industry, you can trust that the work will be done properly, ensuring the safety and comfort of your patients. When you need service, give us a call.

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