Three Benefits of Nitrous Oxide

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Here at Pure-Line Plumbing, we offer specialized expertise that you won’t find with other plumbers–namely, we have over 25 years of experience in medical gas installation and maintenance. If you operate a hospital, dental practice, or other medical facility, our team can help you equip your building so that you can provide even better care to your patients. One of the medical gases that our infrastructure is commonly used for is nitrous oxide, and in this article, we’ll go over a few of its benefits to help you decide if your facility needs this equipment.

Three Benefits of Nitrous Oxide

1.   Absorbs Quickly, Leaves Quickly- One benefit of nitrous oxide as an anesthetic is that it goes to work very quickly. Because it’s a gas, it enters the bloodstream rapidly through inhalation, and it’s quick to reach the brain. Once the nitrous oxide molecules enter the brain, they induce a state of relaxation. This benefit also works in reverse–once the procedure is over, the gas will be cycled out of the body within five minutes, leaving no lingering effects.

2.   Provides Relaxation- Of course, the main benefit of nitrous oxide is the relaxation that it induces. It’s most often used in dental work such as fillings, or any procedure that the patient has to be awake for. Most people understandably feel anxious when undergoing such a procedure, which makes nitrous oxide a valuable tool for helping to keep patients calm and preventing them from moving around while the doctors work.

3.   Ease of Adjustment- Lastly, with the right equipment, the level of nitrous oxide can easily be adjusted on the fly, depending on the patient’s responses and the length of the procedure. This level of control greatly reduces the risk of overdose, which makes this equipment a worthwhile investment.