Three Tips for Medical Gas Maintenance

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Medical gas is a necessity for hospitals and medical facilities. From providing patient comfort to ensuring their safety, medical gases must be well maintained.

Three Tips for Medical Gas Maintenance

Here are our top three tips for properly maintaining your medical gas components:

  1. Keep a paper trail. When it comes to healthcare, transparency is key. The same is true of medical gas maintenance. Prioritizing clear and consistent documentation of all maintenance done on manifolds, piping, diagnostic elements, and other components of the medical gas system prevents confusion and mishaps and ensures patients receive the care they need.
  2. Schedule routine inspections. The best way to maintain a system is through preventing issues before they arise. Regular inspections help ensure the medical gas system runs smoothly and consistently around the clock. Every facet should be thoroughly inspected for any signs of system malfunction or damage. The system should be routinely tested to ensure the correct gases are flowing through their proper channels at appropriate pressures that are accurately identified in the manifold.
  3. Regularly train staff on current best practices. A system is only as good as its operators. Medical staff and personnel should be regularly updated as the medical gas system is changed or updated. They should be equipped to troubleshoot issues quickly and know the protocol if there is an emergency. Reviewing these practices and procedures gives the medical team confidence that they can administer the best care possible to their patients.

Medical gas is key to patient care, and our team here at Pure-Line Plumbing wants to ensure that every person gets the best treatment possible. If you have questions or concerns about your facility’s medical gas components, we encourage you to reach out to us today.